Sleep. The (day) dream.

My son has no respect whatsoever for sleep.  His own, mine, his sister’s or father’s.  He will happily reign supreme all during the wee hours only to contentedly conk out just in time for my daughter (and by default me or Daddy too) to get up.

He kept us up all night last night, screeching at the injustice of eye-teeth.  He wanted everything and nothing by means of comfort.  I rocked, shushed, cuddled, paced, sang, patted, returned the favoured soother repeatedly……… no one “trick” worked for more than a few moments.

To put it mildly, I am tired.  The last few nights have been getting progressively worse.  An ear infection added insult to injury and medication was prescribed and my empathy levels upped a notch.

I wandered bleary-eyed to my desk in work, facing a day of keeping my eyelids propped open.  I just know he is most  likely happily slumbering away now in a marathon length nap in the crèche.

I’ve read every article that I can find about how to help you baby sleep, dealing with sleep deprivation, avoiding bad habits (that ship has sailed I’m afraid), I’ve bought the books, the white noise CDs, the slumber-bears and all other gadgets pedalled to desperate parents.   I won’t leave him to cry, it’s just not right for him or I.  I need to find something that works for us.

The tiny tyrant will object to sleep in his cot at night, until he is nestled in bed beside me he objects most vociferously.  I have to admire his tenacity.  He knows exactly what he wants, and will settle for no less.  He has no doubt that he is entitled to what he views as the best possible service and will wail until he gets his own way.

Even I have forgotten by now what my point is.  But you get the drift.  I would dream about sleep, if I could get some sleep.  In fact I did conk out on the bed around 11am over the weekend (when I was meant to be changing the bed clothes), my husband was under no illusions that household chores were being tended to and left me to doze.  When I did wake up 1.5 hours later, I realised I had been dreaming about being tired.  So even when I got the sleep I (day)dream about, I was even tired in the land of nod!

So please, anyone out there.  Tell me your success stories about how at 18 months your toddler decided to opt in to the notion of sleep.  Or else just sympathise with me and discuss what bottles of wine are on special offer…


4 thoughts on “Sleep. The (day) dream.

  1. I have never forgotten the lack of sleep, even now the youngest is thirteen and I still remember.
    I think if I had my time to live over I’d care less about trying to give them good habits and just do whatever I could to get some sleep for in the end the only thing that worked was time. They grew up and for a time we all got some sleep.


      • poor you. been there, done all that. I had all the bad tricks in the world. A cup of juice, yes juice, shocking i know, was what it took to put him back to sleep. I even made up a jug at night and kept it upstairs and kept refilling it. seriously, bad. but when you’re tired you’ll do anything that works.

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  2. Susannah, I totally agree. You do that you have to. And basically I’m doing everything and he’s getting clever and expecting the full show each and every time. I comfort myself with statements like “it’s a sign he’s clever”…. whatever gets me through the night ha!


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