This is not baby yoga.

Most parents (well mothers anyway) are aware of baby-yoga classes.  Generally, a nice relaxed setting with some gentle stretches and exercises for Mum and baby.  It brings to mind feelings of relaxation, contentment and calm.

A friend shared this terrifying video on Facebook today.  It shows a “guru” aggressively swinging a tiny baby around by their limbs and she practises it under the guise of ‘The Charkovsky method.’  Lena Fokina has parents lining up to have their babies flung around like teddy bears, all while crying or vomiting.

Even the photos in the article linked above have me on edge.  I remember the sheer terror that a small baby might slip off your lap, what could possibly possess parents to hand their precious babies over for such treatment?  I am aware that babies are a lot more resilient that we suspect, and that they are little fighters when it comes to it, but this is too much.

Her mentor, “Dr” (inverted commas are deliberate here) Charkovsky is the same medic who has done research into the calming effects of dolphins on a labouring mother.  That explains how I spotted Flipper being wheeled into a delivery room in the maternity hospital… He also practises “water rebirthing” which involves babies being dunked in water.  Now I know that the article above is from the Daily Mail, and I am not silly enough to believe everything they feed me verbatim, but the video and images are enough to make me hold my breath.

I’m sure there are lots of modern day parenting practices that would seem bizarre and unthinkable just a short while ago.  But am I alone in thinking this one is still a bit extreme?  Do the supposed benefits sound realistic?  Would you try it?  Personally, I’ll roll out the yoga mat and do a bit of baby massage while singing some nice nursery rhymes.  He might not be an Olympic parachuter (like one of Fokina’s children) but I am willing to take that risk.


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