The Giant Bunny in the corner…

I am a self-confessed chocolate addict, I have stashes of chocolate hidden everywhere for emergency purposes.  You just never know when or where the need for a Toffee Crisp will strike so I find it prudent to make sure there is always one on hand.  I am a hoarder of all things chocolate.  We moved home last year, and the confectionery hauls that were discovered were impressive, even I had forgotten what was where!  From memory I believe that approximately 6 Easter Eggs from last year were located (I have to hide them from my daughter’s line of sight and ration them out, of course like any good mother I help protect her from herself and do my duty and eat a couple), I must start keeping an inventory.

Easter bunny2

So it’s fair to say I’m on board with Easter.  What’s not to like?  Chocolate abounds and it is socially acceptable to enjoy it in more than moderate quantities.  I am also very partial to the occassional Cadbury’s Creme Egg and the seasonal availability of these stresses me, so I always have a couple stored with the “For emergencies only” supplies all year round.

Clearly that’s a thumbs up for Easter eggs from me, but there is an elephant in the room.  Or rather a giant bunny.  It appears my 5 year old really does think a giant bunny hops around leaving little chocolate eggs all over the place for her to find.  I am not quite sure how this belief has crept in and am unsure what to do with it.  I usually encourage any magical thoughts as childhood is fleeting and the joy is so pure.  But the Easter Bunny was not part of my childhood, or anyone else’s in Ireland from a quick straw poll.  We all knew the American’s had him bouncing about the place, but we were content that he stay that side of the Atlantic.  It wasn’t like we didn’t get any chocolate without him.

Easter bunny1

But somehow his enormous furry presence is now casting its shadow over our emerald isle.  I blame our parental delight in creating little egg hunts so we can watch welly-booted toddlers clamour around damp gardens on Easter Sunday with baskets…. I think I have helped create this problem, by trying to only take on board half of the tradition without fully realising how small minds connect the dots. What do I?  If I start laying down the facts and gently directing her towards the truth I am afraid that will open a can of worms and her inquisitive little mind will start putting two and two together and questioning the magic I am happy to support.   On the other hand I am slow to start encouraging the notion as it’s a step too far for me.  So what do you do?  Does the Easter Bunny pay a visit?  Do you have an egg hunt but no bunny talk?  Or is it clear that it’s family and friends that bestow the giant Easter egg mountain on your children?

In the meantime, Tesco now have 3 medium Easter Eggs for €4.50 and rumour has it Dunnes Stores has the same deal for €4.00!  So bunny or not, it’s a good time to stock up.


3 thoughts on “The Giant Bunny in the corner…

  1. I used to tell my gang that we like to choose their eggs and the bunny knows that.
    Then we’d pretend there were a couple of extra ones and we would pretend to argue over who bought them and the kids would insist it was the bunny.
    Worked for four of ours. All happy with Santa until 6th class.


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