The Railway Children – cinema, theatre and popcorn

It’s no secret to people who know me that I love the cinema, theatre and books.  I especially enjoy the fact that now my daughter is almost six, a trip to the cinema together need not be an exercise of military precision revolving around toilet breaks and dropped sweets.  It’s a bit of mother-daughter time we both savour, along with the popcorn of course.  We have been lucky enough to make it to a few live theatre shows so far too, but sometimes the price of tickets for the more professional productions put me off -she is only five after all!

It was with delight that I opened my email inbox recently to see a message from Primary Times declaring I was a winner and that the prize was a family pass to the screening of The Railway Children in movies@Dundrum.  It wasn’t just a screening of the 1970 film I remember as a child but a stage production.  The stage show was filmed during a production in the National Railway Museum in York during the summer last year.  This prize was ticking all the boxes – cinema, theatre and book!

The ticket was for a family of four so my 10 year old god-daughter and her mother came along too for the experience.  I was a little worried how the girls would react to the show as they are used to fancy animated movies and I was concerned they might find this to be a bit slow for their tastes.  My worries were unfounded and they both embraced the different experience with gusto.  My daughter laughed at jokes (she didn’t really get) along with the audience and declared it to be “The best movie ever”.   The train from the original film even makes an appearance ! Good going for a stage show!

It was a welcome window into the alternative screenings which are offered periodically in the cinemas.  A Saturday night trip to the flicks with a bucket of popcorn need not necessarily mean the latest Hollywood blockbuster.  There are ballet, opera, concerts and plays to be enjoyed and you essentially get the best seat in the house as the cameras are trained to get the best angle possible.  I, for one, will be keeping my eyes open and availing of other chances to see a show I might otherwise never be exposed to.

So thank you to Primary Times for the prize, and congratulations to all involved in the production.

If you are interested in seeing the film, more information can be found at



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