Today I will:

Another day has dawned over Dublin, and I am surprisingly motivated and enthusiastic for a Wednesday.  I am hoping that today will be the day I actually manage to achieve some of the niggly tasks on my “To Do” list that I have successfully managed to avoid for the last while.  I was in the middle of one of the high priority tasks but was inspired to take a break and write a blog post instead, I can’t decide if that’s inspiration or procrastination though…

The radio show I listen to as I drive to work features a segment where listeners call the show to reel off all the things they have to do that day, to demonstrate how busy they are and win a prize.  The differences in the rage of tasks always interests me (especially how the Daddies list “dress children, feed children” etc. while it is just assumed from the mother’s point of view) I thought it might be interesting if people shared their “To Do” lists, some of the quirkier and more interesting chores at least.  And of course the ones that anybody without a small child would turn green at, such as “use cotton ear bud to ensure all traces of poo are removed from the grouting between bathroom floor tiles”.

So without further ado (as I must get back to High Priority Task), here are some of the boxes I hope to tick today, I would be thrilled if someone, anyone commented with their own agendas.

  1. Complete an application form for promotion opportunity in work.  This task has taken on a life of its own and seems like a bigger deal than my college dissertation ever did.
  2. Do the job I am paid to do for 7 hours and 24 minutes a day
  3. Drink delicious hazelnut hot chocolate once the coffee place outside opens at 10am
  4. Beta read a much anticipated young adult novella for a writer friend over lunch and provide feedback
  5. Buy another pack of birthday party invitations, and seeing as I’m alredy in the stationery place some birthday cards and wrapping paper
  6. Pull hair out over application form and consider throwing the towel in (to be fair, I’ve been giving this one a lot of time over the last week)
  7. Make sure husband knows to collect kids from creche.  Remind him a few times and phone his desk to make sure he’s left on time
  8. Go home to the usual evening pandemonium of bags to be unpacked, bags to be repacked, bed made, uniforms dabbed at with baby-wipes, tea prepared, tea picked off the floor, tea wiped from the walls, toddler pressure hosed to remove all snot, food and general dirt, teeth brushed, stories told, cuddles given and monsters scared away.
  9. And relax.

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