Marlay Park Artisan Food Market

A sunny weekend morning spent in the park is fantastic when you have small kids.  A sunny weekend morning spent in a park with an artisan food market in full swing is even better.  Sunshine, space for little legs to race around and gourmet sausage sandwiches – what’s not to like?




The Artisan Food Market sets up camp each and every weekend morning in the wonderful Marlay Park.  A brief inventory of the stalls selling their wares includes The Corner Bakery, Armelle’s Kitchen, Chilli Chilli Bang Bang, Rocking Rolls, Dave’s Pizza and Twisted Potato Chips to name a few.   The longest and most consistent queue was for the coffee stall, as parents sought their caffeine fix.  


It is also touted as a Farmers Market but I think the Artisan Food market label is a better fit.  Farmers Market conjures up images of vegetable stands, fruit sellers and other earthy produce.  Yes, there were a few of those but the overwhelming majority of stalls were selling food to be eaten there and then.  


My daughter and I shared a gourmet sausage torpedo roll with crispy onions, my husband had a coffee and we rounded it off with the intriguing twisted potato chip.  And no trip to a market would be complete (in my family at least) without some goodies for later, so we indulged in brownies from The Corner Bakery.


I am sure if the sun wasn’t shining, it wouldn’t have been as pleasant an outing but if the weather is fine, you would be hard pressed to find a better setting for a family trip to enjoy some fresh air, exercise and tasty food.  My five year old enjoyed herself running around with her little brother so much she didn’t mind that we never made it to the playground.  

This review originally appeared as part of this on Nanny Village article on Farmers Markets.


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