Guys and Dolls – A review

I got out!!  I was an adult for a whole evening, with other adult company.  And wine.  It was fabulous!

I left work and ambled over to the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in the April sunshine.  As I strolled through St. Stephen’s Green, down Kildare Street and up Pearse Street I bord gais theatrewas filled with a bubbling happiness and delight at the anticipation of meeting a good friend for dinner and a show and also the beauty and mood of Dublin.  I am usually rushing somewhere and don’t get to just relax and savour the moment, but there is a lot to savour about Dublin and it just all felt great!


We had tickets to see “Guys and Dolls”, but first up we needed to be fed and watered.  You can’t beat Milano for a pre-theatre bite to eat if you’re down around Grand Canal Dock.  Two pizzas and two large glasses of wine were thoroughly enjoyed.  A thumbs up to the 3 mobile network for their 3plus rewards programme that gave us a pleasing 30% discount on our food.

Another honourable mention for the good folks at Bord Gáis Energy Rewards as it was via their reward scheme that I was lucky enough to nab two tickets in the stalls for only €20 each – not much more than the price of a cinema ticket really!

So what can I say about the production itself?  It was fantastic; it sparkled, glittered and brought the audience to their feet.  It’s an oldie and a goodie as musicals go and we are creatures who enjoy familiarity so it’s always nice when you recognise a song.  Luck be a lady tonight, Sit down you’re rocking the boat and other favourites were belted out with zest and enthusiasm.  My friend and I were pleasantly surprised to see the first brunette Adelaide in the role, a welcome change to the stereotypical blonde.

The cast did a fantastic job and their energy was admirable, I only hope they feel they got the response from the audience they deserve.  A special mention for Richard Fleeshman who played Sky Masterson, he managed to cast quite a spell over my friend and I and we were very taken by the charismatic charm of his character.  Quite a theatrical crush was formed…

guys and dolls1

So the bottom line is go to see the show if you get a chance, it’s running until Saturday 30th April so don’t hang about!





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