Tell me on a Sunday – A review

I’m on a roll!  Two dinner-and-theater nights out in one week!

The good people over at Bord Gáis Energy Rewards made me an offer I couldn’t refuse on Thursday (well not just me, all their members I imagine but still).  Tickets to the opening night of Tell Me On A Sunday in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre for an amazing price of just €15 each.  I enlisted the company of another good friend, booked another table in Milano and the plan was set.

I love musicals, and while I was familiar with some of the songs from Tell Me On A Sunday thanks to an Andrew Lloyd Webber CD, I didn’t know much else.  It was refreshing to take a seat in the auditorium and not really know what to expect, and the fantastically priced ticket made taking that risk all the easier.

What I didn’t know was that Tell Me On A Sunday is a one-act, one woman show.  And what a woman!  Jodie Prenger owned that stage with her voice and her presence.  She filled the theatre, our minds and hearts for that hour or so where she embodied Emma, the English girl looking for love in New York.

I could really see and hear the other characters she was engaging with, such was her ability to paint a picture all alone.  Jodie belted out the numbers with gusto and had me willing each relationship to be “the one”.  I will admit that had I known it was a one-act one-woman show I might have been a bit reluctant, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show and am very glad I didn’t miss out on the production.

After the interval, there was a questions and answers session with Jodie and Francis Goodhand (at least that’s who I think he was) the musical director.  Jodie sang a song or two and was then joined by her alternate (another Jodie!) for a fantastic duet.  Jodie’s enthusiasm and personality were uplifting and infectious.

I think tonight is the last night the tour is in Dublin so this review mightn’t have enough influence to encourage people to go see it, but at least take the message that it’s worth trying new things away!




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